Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Favour of a Reply

I received a very special post today.  The real deal.  The snail variety.  An invitation!  My niece is getting married in August and wow! it's time to be invited.  Seems like only yesterday they were announcing their engagement.  This is the bride we honored with the shower a few months ago.  I am very happy and excited for her, her fiance', and both families. 

The invitation was elegant and traditional, much the same way I anticipate the wedding will be.  It contained a very important element, the RSVP card.  The card is already addressed, and postage was provided.  It simply requires that I write the number of attendees and our name.  It is that simple.  Even though she knows I will be there with bells on, the card will go out to her tomorrow. 

Now, believe it or not, she is not going to receive all of her RSVP's back.  Having planned two wedding events, I am sad to say that some folks do not take the time to give the family the courtesy of a response.  I must put on my 'Miss Manners' hat and ask, "PEOPLE!! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!!" 

If you can give me one good reason why you do not respond to wedding invitations that enclose preposted cards, please do.  I await your reply.


Kuparstwn said...

This was the biggest pet peeve from my wedding. 53% of my postage paid response cards were not returned. Ever. The very last thing a bride wants to be doing a month before her wedding is calling 53% of her guest list and dwelling on the huge amount of money wasted on stamps that were never used.

I hope your niece has more considerate family and friends then me!!!

PS - Not that you asked, but second biggest pet peeve - Adding guests to RSVP cards that weren't invited in the first place. But hey, at least they sent them back! :)

Anonymous said...

If there was an answer to that. How rude and inconsiderate, it peeved me to no end, then a few even showed up after no RSVP. The gall of people today.

Okay, deep breath, exhale.........

Have a great weekend!


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