Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Designer Showcase- Jim Hjelm

One factor in a gown's expense is the designer. Certain designers have established a reputation for style and beauty that makes the gown more expensive to make and can demand a higher price due to popularity. The Green Hanger Shop will highlight a few designers to help shoppers in their decision about whether it is worth it to them to pay more and also, to point out the savings from a preowned designer gown. Our first designer is the Jim Hjelm collection. I actually thought there was a Jim Hjelm designing these beautiful gowns and dresses, but I was wrong. They are designed by Francesca Pitera, a graduate of the esteemed Otis Art Institute/Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. Francesca draws inspiration from the New York museums and art shows. Combining textures, colors and lace, she creates gowns that are classic and feminine with a touch of sensuality to give every bride style and grace; her silhouettes flatter all body types. Intricate details are her trademark.Jim Hjelm Bridal gowns can demand a price tag of $3,000 or more. A preowned gown can be found for less than $1,000. Here is where you can find exquisite quality, afford an expensive gown, and pay thousands less for your favorite designer. Don't get caught up in the year of the dress. Many dresses, especially Francesca's, are timeless and repeat style with slight differences in detail.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are You a Maggie Bride?

Are you a Maggie Bride?
In my series on designer gowns, I had not planned to write about Maggie Sottero so soon. It is such a popular line of dresses, however, that it takes a top spot in this blog series. The Green Hanger Shop has several beautiful Maggie Sottero gowns for sale at a fraction of their original price tag. Not to disappoint brides, Maggie Sottero may be a person or a designer, who knows, but the Maggie Sottero gown bought today is one of several collections offered by Maggie Sottero, the manufacturer. Begun in Sydney, Australia, the Maggie Sottero company has won many top awards for their designs. The brides I see looking for the gowns are impressed with the ease of fit and point out that the corset top adjusts to the ups and downs in a bride's size. Maggie Sottero gowns are also recognizable by the Swarovski crystal embellishments. I find the gowns to be reasonably priced in the wedding market. If you are buying a preowned Maggie Sottero gown, you will want to ask for a copy of its Certificate of Authenticity which is given to the original owner of every Maggie Sottero gown since 2002. Presently, the Maggie Sottero company consists of four collections: Maggie Sottero, Sottero and Midgley, Maggie Sottero Limited, and Destinations by Maggie Sottero. One last tip for future Maggie brides...go to their website and look at their portfolio of real brides, a far better indication of how a dress will look than one shown on a model.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Something Old

Something old, something new, buy it used and you won't be blue! Buying a preowned wedding dress can be your something old without looking the part. Just like buying a new dress, there are steps you can take to give you the greatest satisfaction.

  • Buying preowned may mean dealing long distance. It is important that you still do your homework. Go to bridal salons and try on different styles to get a sense of what you like and what compliments your figure.
  • Look at prices of different designs. It is usually based on Designer, fabric, embellishments, style. If you find a gown you like, write down all of its information so you can research it online.

  • Get your measurements. It is important to match measurements to the manufacturer's. Don't be told it runs small. Be precise.
  • Alterations on a wedding dress will be expensive. If you buy a sample that has been "clamped" together to fit you in the salon, you will pay dearly in alterations. Gowns with lace hems may have to be taken apart to simply hem. I have seen alterations surpass five hundred dollars.

  • Try on and then leave. You need to think about the dress and research it. Is it available preowned? Dresses worn for only four or five hours by another bride are usually sold at close to half the original price and are like new!

  • When you find a dress you like, open all lines of communication. Ask questions and request pictures. Verify the seller. Google them, if necessary.

  • Negotiate as much as possible, but remember a wedding dress is expensive to ship and clean. Don't expect to be able to try it and return it without some share of the costs.

  • You should be able to return a gown that doesn't suit you or isn't what you expected. Open communication beforehand will enhance the chance that you get what you want.

I know a bride who bought a gown worn in May that costs $1800 and she bought it in November for $900. The dress was still less than a year old and it was exactly what she wanted and would have had to pay full price for plus alterations. When she is done, it is possible she, too, will be able to sell it.

Smart brides today recognize they can have a beautiful wedding for far less expense and waste. What better way to start than with the dress? Come to The Green Hanger Shop. No one will ever know your sweet little secret!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding's over, What about the dress?

After the flurry of wedding activities, like a melted snowman, the wedding dress lies in a heap on the floor. So now what? The decision to keep or sell a bride's wedding gown is a personal, emotional, and financial one. While waiting to make that decision, it is important to get the dress cleaned by professionals. A reputable cleaner will check the label to see if it is material they can handle properly. Expect the cleaning to run anywhere from $75 or more. Leaving this important cleaning undone will render the dress unusable if body oils, food, or drink are allowed to discolor the delicate fabrics and lace. How about preservation? Isn't that what an expensive dress needs? Well, not if the bride is uncertain about whether or not to sell. Preservation is quite expensive and actually creates a large box that will require space for storage. It is difficult to see or inspect and if there is any chance of selling it, it will have to be removed to be checked for any damage. Selling the dress? Placing it on a website, such as The Green Hanger Shop, as soon as possible will increase your chances of making a sale and recouping more of your investment. Not selling? It will still need to be opened and refolded to prevent deep creases. Best bet, go with reputable professional cleaning, place the dress in its garment bag (Purchase this if necessary) and store in a dark, cool closet. It's inexpensive and kinder on the environment.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome to The Green Hanger Shop!

Welcome to the grand opening of a new and exciting online "eco-boutique". The Green Hanger Shop connects buyers and sellers of beautiful "wore it once" designer clothes, such as wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, and accessories. The Green Hanger Shop was cofounded by Wally and Judy Meggs. Wally and Judy have firsthand experience in weddings. They planned two very traditional weddings and receptions for their daughters. They realized how expensive the attire for the events were and how little use the wonderful dresses received, only to be stored away unlikely to be used again. As an educator, Judy taught her students about the impact of people's actions on the world and its environment. She realizes the impact that major events, such as weddings, have not only on pocketbooks, but also the Earth. Wally has years of experience in technology, so another marriage occurred, and The Green Hanger Shop was born. They provide small town service on the World Wide Web, giving buyers and sellers an opportunity to make a difference and spare their budgets. Visit soon and visit often. Inventory changes everyday.
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