Sunday, December 27, 2009


This has been an exciting year! The Green Hanger Shop is approaching its first year of being a real 'live' website. I can not begin to tell you how much I have learned these past twelve months! The best part of it all though has been the great people and wonderful resources I have discovered that are available to today's bride-to-be and her friends. One of the best guides I found is Elle Shapiro of Survive Wedding Season. She is a bride's best friend because she helps the rest of the wedding party and guests know what to wear, what to give, and how to save, too! If you have a friend getting married in 2010, you need to add Survive Wedding Season to your reading list!

I was honored to learn that one of my guest tips on how to sell your bridesmaid's dress was featured in SWS’s Top Ten Wedding Guest Picks Of 2009 Please visit it and tell her which number is your favorite tip and come back and share it with me, too. (I bet you'll pick #2...brilliant thinking! LOL) Enjoy!

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Indoor Window Shopping!

Finished your Christmas shopping yet? My shopping has gone very smoothly so far. Maybe it's because I am no longer Mrs. Claus. (Aw, that's kinda sad...) I did lots of shopping online and no, I won't say what I bought because I have some snoopy 'chillen' reading my blog, but I WILL say that my husband got into the spirit of things, and my sons-in-law are getting some VERY interesting presents that he picked out for them!

Now I don't know about you, but I HAVE to get out into the stores at some point for it to feel real to me, so the hubby and I visited some great shops in the West End section of Greenville, SC. These smaller stores were bustling with shoppers, and there was a happy holiday feeling in each store. Shoppers were warmly greeted, packages were placed in unique and festive wrappings, and it was fun to see new wares and try to match them to someone on my list.

I hope you have had some great shopping experiences. Please share your favorite place to shop with us here in the comments.

Now, here are some emporium like items from The Green Hanger Shop I hope you will enjoy. I handpicked them just for you!

The first are these purses, brought straight from Vietnam by my friend, Tracy. (I have written about her in a previous blog.) I saw some very similar to these when I was shopping, but they cost twice as much! How fun would these be at a holiday party?

Next are these dresses JUST IN this past week at The Green Hanger Shop. I think both are stunning and extra affordable.

Last is this wedding garter. Do you have an engaged friend? This is a unique gift idea and one of those details in wedding planning that is overlooked until the last minute sometimes.

There's lots more to see at The Green Hanger Shop, so come on by and visit us!

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dear Daughters,

From the time "It's a Girl!" was announced, I dreamed of your wedding days. I was in no hurry, of course, and I sure enjoyed all the moments before your "BIG" days. But knowing that we would one day do this together was just something I always looked forward to experiencing. It lived up to its hype and the months we spent together talking nonstop about all the details in your plans were so much fun that it inspired me to start The Green Hanger Shop! Words don't do justice to the joy of seeing you both as beautiful brides. When you were handed to me in the delivery room, my heart melted. When you walked toward me down the aisle on your daddy's arm, it happened all over again. You both thanked me for making the day just what you wanted. Now I thank you for making the day exactly as I dreamed.

I love you both.

I am not a "Look at me" kinda gal, so shopping for a MOB dress was challenging. More than anything, I did not want to look frumpy! The dresses I wore are as different as the daughters, and I love both of them. Both could easily be reused, but I don't have many opportunities to wear special occasion dresses right now. So, yes, they are for sale. One is a Carmen Marc Valvo and it is exquisite. It was bought for the first daughter's wedding. The two piece top would be stunning with black pants.

The second dress is a Kay Unger crinkled magenta. I love the color! It's one that could be worn to lots of occasions. I wore cute sequined shoes with it. Too fun!

If you are a member of the MOB club, I would love to have your dresses added to The Green Hanger Shop. If you are currently planning a wedding, I wish you all the best. If there is a topic you would like me to share from my MOB experiences, I would love your suggestions!

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