Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fa la la la la... A New Logo!

I am so excited to unveil our new Green Hanger Shop logo just in time for wedding season 2010! I hired Lindsay of AiDEN CoopeR Designs to create something special that identifies not only who we are, but represents the clientele as well. Boy, did she deliver! Our customers are young, intelligent, budget-minded women. They don't skimp on style. They just know how to get more for their money. Not egotistical, but rather ecotistical, they enjoy renewing the life of a beautiful gown. I think Lindsay captured the fun spirit of it all in the cute swirly hanger, and the recycling symbol got a whole new vibe. It makes me smile to look at it. So here it is!!

I hope you will take the time to comment on the new logo both here and at AiDEN CoopeR Designs. Lindsay and I both would love to hear what you think!

Happy Holiday Shopping, everybody!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Basement Buddy (and a giveaway!)

You know the saying..."it's a small world". Well, even on the Internet, it's true! While exploring the web over the past few months, I discovered an old friend of mine who had moved out of state. She has started a web enterprise called Basement Bags. (Oh, the cuteness you will find there! )Susan and I go way back. Our daughters were big buddies growing up and we went to the same wonderful church for many years together. We were even fellow teachers. So suffice it to say, I have no problem endorsing her work. She is one talented lady. But go and see for yourself! And right now, she has a giveaway at her blog, The World from my Basement, to celebrate her 125th post. This is a site you will want to share with your friends! Happy Blogging and Monogramming, Susan, and many more!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tracy's, The Final Touch

Meet Tracy, my wonderful hairdresser. If you have hair like mine, then I hope you have someone like Tracy to take good care of you.

I don't use the word 'remarkable' often. I feel it is reserved for those who set themselves apart by an extraordinary talent or feat. Friends, Tracy is a REMARKABLE woman. Tracy is from Vietnam and when she was just four years old, she says an event occurred that changed the rest of her life. Her aunt took her to a salon to get a haircut and perm, and as Tracy sat and watched the magical transformations of the women in the salon, she knew that she would one day grow up to do that, too. However, for Tracy, this would not come easily. She entered the United States at the end of the Vietnam War with a fourth grade education and could speak very little English. She was determined to learn the language well enough to enroll in cosmetology school even though she would have to do it alone. That determination led Tracy to become a successful business woman who now owns her own salon. She treats her customers like royalty and is still learning the language. An exciting day for Tracy is when she learns something new, for education is something precious to her and is not to be taken for granted.

I recently posted some of Tracy's jewelry and handbags at The Green Hanger Shop. Jewelry is another of Tracy's passions and she is a wonderful designer. The black onyx piece is one of her creations. Please stop by and see the rest of her things, especially the cute sequin bags from Vietnam. So tell me, do you know someone who is remarkable like my Tracy?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Making it Personal

I had so much fun recently designing a wedding garter for a real bride, Wendy. She is using lots of pretty colors in her wedding, but the most special one is lime green. Why? It is her grandmother's absolute favorite color in all the world! She plans to share the garter with her grandmother. Isn't that just the sweetest? After all, a piece of the bride's attire brings blessings to the holder. So congratulations, Wendy, and all the best to your grandmother, too!

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