Friday, August 21, 2009

I Survived Wedding Season '09!

Okay, the title makes it sound like I don't enjoy weddings, but that could not be further from the truth. Weddings tend to come around in the spring and summer, thus the term 'wedding season' and sometimes they take over weekends for weeks in a row making it a challenge to keep the wardrobe fresh from one to the other. When wedding season ends and football season looms on the horizon, many of us take stock of what we have accumulated in our closets.

We all have something really cute we wore to a wedding or party or shower. Chances are, we won't wear it again, but we feel the need to get 'our money's worth' out of it so we are hanging on. So here is my proposal. Let's have a September Swap Meet! Go to The Green Hanger Shop and list your dress in the Wedding Guests category absolutely free! It will stay there for the whole month unless you sell it and let us know. Like Cinderella's gown, it will magically disappear on October 1st unless you make arrangements with the fairy godmother (that would be me) for it to remain.

There are just a few rules. You must register in order to submit the ad for your dress. I approve all listings before they are posted and a picture of it is required. The free offer is for the wedding guest category only.

I encourage you to read my tips for buyers and sellers at The Green Hanger Shop, too.

Happy sales to you!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something Old is New Again!

As a child, I would tag along with Mom as she 'antiqued' the dealers on the South Carolina-Georgia state line. She had her favorite spots, of course, and so did I. I loved the one with the tire swing hanging from a big oak outside. I have yet to find a better piece of shade on earth! While I admit to being less than patient as I waited for her to strike a deal, I now appreciate what she taught me about the value of what was left behind by past generations.

Now I am using that experience to help brides with that age old tradition of 'something old' that was begun to bridge past with future. Just like Mom, I travel the back roads of South Carolina stopping at the antique shops and handpicking the vintage pins that inspire me. When choosing a Something Old garter, just remember what Mom would say, "You can't find this anywhere anymore!" These are truly one of a kind.
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