Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something Old is New Again!

As a child, I would tag along with Mom as she 'antiqued' the dealers on the South Carolina-Georgia state line. She had her favorite spots, of course, and so did I. I loved the one with the tire swing hanging from a big oak outside. I have yet to find a better piece of shade on earth! While I admit to being less than patient as I waited for her to strike a deal, I now appreciate what she taught me about the value of what was left behind by past generations.

Now I am using that experience to help brides with that age old tradition of 'something old' that was begun to bridge past with future. Just like Mom, I travel the back roads of South Carolina stopping at the antique shops and handpicking the vintage pins that inspire me. When choosing a Something Old garter, just remember what Mom would say, "You can't find this anywhere anymore!" These are truly one of a kind.


Juli said...

Judy...lovely blog! I;m just about inspired to get married, just for the sentiment of it all!! Of course, I'd have to find a potential groom, first...
I really enjoyed reading this...its easy to forget that "reading" is what blogs are all about!

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