Friday, May 15, 2009

Something Old

Something old, something new, buy it used and you won't be blue! Buying a preowned wedding dress can be your something old without looking the part. Just like buying a new dress, there are steps you can take to give you the greatest satisfaction.

  • Buying preowned may mean dealing long distance. It is important that you still do your homework. Go to bridal salons and try on different styles to get a sense of what you like and what compliments your figure.
  • Look at prices of different designs. It is usually based on Designer, fabric, embellishments, style. If you find a gown you like, write down all of its information so you can research it online.

  • Get your measurements. It is important to match measurements to the manufacturer's. Don't be told it runs small. Be precise.
  • Alterations on a wedding dress will be expensive. If you buy a sample that has been "clamped" together to fit you in the salon, you will pay dearly in alterations. Gowns with lace hems may have to be taken apart to simply hem. I have seen alterations surpass five hundred dollars.

  • Try on and then leave. You need to think about the dress and research it. Is it available preowned? Dresses worn for only four or five hours by another bride are usually sold at close to half the original price and are like new!

  • When you find a dress you like, open all lines of communication. Ask questions and request pictures. Verify the seller. Google them, if necessary.

  • Negotiate as much as possible, but remember a wedding dress is expensive to ship and clean. Don't expect to be able to try it and return it without some share of the costs.

  • You should be able to return a gown that doesn't suit you or isn't what you expected. Open communication beforehand will enhance the chance that you get what you want.

I know a bride who bought a gown worn in May that costs $1800 and she bought it in November for $900. The dress was still less than a year old and it was exactly what she wanted and would have had to pay full price for plus alterations. When she is done, it is possible she, too, will be able to sell it.

Smart brides today recognize they can have a beautiful wedding for far less expense and waste. What better way to start than with the dress? Come to The Green Hanger Shop. No one will ever know your sweet little secret!


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