Sunday, May 2, 2010

How Sweet It Is!

The cupcakes doubled
as centerpieces.
The shower was a big hit!  All of the details came together to make it a special event for all who attended and especially for the bride.  There is lots to share, so I will break it up into parts to help you take it all in and to let me savor it a while longer because I already miss the planning and anticipation!

The Food

We decided to make four different kinds of cupcakes and make them one of the main attractions using one hostess's collection of cakestands.  I mentioned earlier some of the ones we were testing.  The final results could not have turned out better.  They were: Reese's Cup-cake, Lemon Drop, Strawberry Custard, and Vanilla Bead.  Not only did they provide a good variety of taste, they looked professionally done.  I personally thought the Reese's was the best, but that may be because I had already made and tested the others.  Look at how pretty!
Decisions, decisions!
This helped guests identify the flavors.
We also had trays of  puffs stuffed with chicken salad or pimento cheese, each prepared by us. The puffs looks like something complicated, but my daughter tells me that are truly easy to do.  She cooked them the morning of the shower, brought them over, and with a little help from Dad, stuffed them just before the shower began.

Hard to believe how easy
these are!
Strawberries were picked the day before
fresh from the field.
We had cheese straws that I purchased from a bakery that I discovered at the last minute, thank goodness, because they were delicious!

We did not serve alcohol, but we could have probably added it to the wonderful pink lemonade recipe, courtesy of Martha Stewart.  It was so pretty and very refreshing.

I am still giddy from all the fun we had.  Or maybe I am still on a sugar rush.  Either way, I hope it lasts a long time! 

Check back for more details as I get the chance to post them.  There's plenty more to share!


Persis Shah said...

those cupcakes look sooo pretty. also loved the lemonade jar!


Julianne said...

This really was SO MUCH FUN! I'm so ready to throw another shower!

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