Monday, March 8, 2010

Skinny on the Skirt

Wedding Dresses come in many skirts!  The Green Hanger Shop has the skinny on each one!

(A-line without a waistband)

All of these are being offered for sale at The Green Hanger Shop.  If you were a skirt, what would you be?


mama of 4 said...

I would have a really hard time choosing between the princess and soft :) I LOVE the princess though. Such beautiful dresses!

stopping in from Sits!

k80 @ onegirlsjourney said...

All so pretty!!! I think the flowy one would be me! My dress is A-line b/c I think my fiance would say that the flowy one doesn't show enough curves! lol...but I love the softness of it!

Yes, soon I will enjoy the fruit of all the hard work! :)

{ Persis Shah } said...

wow they're all so pretty...esp the "Ballgown"...its like a puff of cloud...soft and dreamy!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love the soft skirt.

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