Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Love Story

I have a very special corner at The Green Hanger Shop where I get to be creative and design something I think is a fun part of the wedding tradition.  The Garter!  I love to play with the different colors and and ribbons and see how it turns out.  So much so that by the time I am done, the garter has to have a name! 

For example,  meet
The Mrs.

She's just a sweet, classy kind of garter with white satin ribbon, blush grosgrain and pewter satin accents.  She is one of my most viewed, so I think she will soon find her bride!

Another popular garter is

She is perfect for spring or summer weddings.  I wonder sometimes if I should have named her Daisy!
But my favorite of all on a very personal level is

She was made for one of my favorite bride bloggers, Ms. Library, whose blog about her wedding plans I stalk follow on a regular basis.  She is a phenominal blog writer.  I love her wedding colors: cobalt blue, cornflower blue, light blue, and fuchsia!  She entered an earlier giveaway I hosted for a free garter, and unfortunately didn't win.  But she enlisted me anyway to design her garter and I felt a strong personal connection to the importance of designing something that would become a keepsake and part of this most important event.  I considered it as no small task.  It was a BIG DEAL!  Having read her blog posts, I can assure you that Love Story is the perfect name.  Enjoy, Ms. Library!

Love Story


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