Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Cheap

First, a confession.  I have several.  I use them and lose them.  Do you?  Do you, like me, have multiple email accounts that you use to avoid spam in your "real" email?  Or maybe you opened an account and "forgot" and discovered the user name taken when you tried to open it a second time?
When we started The Green Hanger Shop, its mission was to reduce the waste involved in weddings and the attire associated with them.  One of the decisions we faced was what, if anything, to charge customers wanting to list their dresses.  For a time, we offered a free option.  Here is what happened.  The seller would provide an email account that they didn't check frequently, leaving buyers waiting and waiting.  Emails sent to registered users were often undeliverable.  It seemed the sellers had no investment in the process.  So, after some careful thought and research into other similar websites, we determined a fair fee.  Voila!  Problem solved.  We have the lowest fee online because we still believe in the cause.  But now, our sellers are investing in the mission, too.  (The fees simply support the expense of advertising the dresses and maintaining the website.) So, yes, we are cheap and proud of it. 

On the other hand, here is something that is FREE! We are celebrating spring with this giveaway of  Anna Griffin invitations.  We used these to invite friends to our daughter's engagement reception.  Since then Anna's enterprise has continued to grow and branch out into craft papers and scrapbooking.  Her designs are widely recognized for their elegance. This giveaway includes 35 of the invitations shown with envelopes.

If you want them, please leave a comment.  Become a follower on the blog for a second chance or remind us that you already are.  Be our facebook fan or follow on twitter or both.  Every way you share the love is considered an entry.  Leaving separate comments improves your chances.  Winner will be randomly selected on April Fools Day, no joke!

Happy spring!


Ginger said...

I'm doing my best to be cheap and help out with the cost of my wedding by winning free things like this!! Thanks for helping out in that effort!!

Ginger said...

I'm a follower.

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