Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Girl's Watermelon, Another Girl's Find

"Did you see that? Did you see the way he looked at that bridesmaid? "
"Oh, no. He was just looking around and accidentally there was a bridesmaid."

I love that line from the movie, Romance On the High Seas, a great 1948 flick starring Doris Day.
And it's true. Next to the bride, of course, bridesmaids can definitely turn some heads.  Unfortunately, bridesmaid often pay a high price for that head turn. 

According to 20 Something Finance, by G E Miller,
'The bridesmaids definitely have the roughest go financially, with a huge burden being put on Maid of Honors, in particular.

The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid:
■Gift for the Shower: ~$50
■Gift for the Bachelorette party: $25-$50
■Gift for the Wedding: ~$50 (yes you have to buy gifts for each party)
■Dress: $150-200
■Shoes: $30
■Alterations: $50
■Undergarments: $30
■Hair: $50
■Makeup: $50 (some brides ask to have done day of, others brides – the good ones – don’t)
■Total cost of being a bridesmaid : ~$500'

Ouch!  Looking over Miller's assessment, I agree with his figures.  No wonder brides have begun some new trends.

One is letting brides choose 'off the rack' dresses in a particular color.  This allows them the freedom to choose a dress they like at a price they can afford, hopefully.  And the likelihood of reuse is fact, not fiction.

Another is choosing black dresses for the bridesmaids.  Again, a money saving move since they may already own a black dress.  I've seen many weddings where black was the choice and they were elegant, elegant, elegant!

I love preowned bridesmaids' dresses!  They are some of the best deals out there and make such good $en$e.  If your bride friend subjected opportuned you the chance to wear watermelon, a color you would otherwise avoid, I have lots of other bridesmaids-to-be looking to take it off your hands! 

Here are some options available for your summer wedding attendants (or attendance) in  2010!

David's Bridal ~ Clover

Jenny Yoo ~ Persian Pink

Thread Design ~ Sea Grass
Siri ~ Candlelight
And, of course, Watermelon!

Just remember, don't toss the dress out with the birdseed!  List it on The Green Hanger Shop!


Angelia Sims said...

Great advice! Who knew it was so expensive! Wow.

I love the dogs in the seagrass picture. Too cute!

Lesley said...

you don't think about how expensive it is...till you are right in the mix of it...Happy SITS day!

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