Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Earth Day! It's the BIG 4-0!

Hard to believe that this is the 40th celebration of Earth Day!  I think that calls for an extra special effort on our part to do it right! 

 I will continue my efforts to recycle by adding grocery bags to my drop-offs.  Right now I recycle paper, cardboard, and plastic.  Our city is searching for a company to buy glass, but no takers yet.  The center does not take plastic bags, but there is a grocery store less than a .10 of a mile from there.

I will add trees to the yard.  This sugar maple was planted to commemorate the birth of our first grandson. 

I will save energy around the house.  Lights and appliances not needed will be off.  Water will not be wasted.  Energy Star appliances and bulbs will be installed.

Paper will not be printed unnecessarily and when possible, it will be reused or recycled.  I will purchase products made from post consumer waste

I will combine my errands so that several things can be accomplished in one ride.

I will find ways to reuse things that are too good to be thrown out.

There are so many small things that each of us can do with just a little extra thought and care.  Join me, won't you?  Please share ways that you are observing Earth Day this year.



Persis Shah said...

this is such an inspiring post. thank you for sharing...Happy Earth Day =)


Julianne said...

This was great!! I just knew you'd post an Earth Day Special blog :)

Kathryn said...

Excellent Post. I too and doing what I can with recycling as much as possible and replacing our old photolight bulbs with new CF bulbs!Keep up the good work Green Hanger!

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