Monday, February 1, 2010

Save the Date

How does a couple set a wedding date, the one day that will be their own special day from 'this day forward'?  It starts with a thoughtful discussion with each other.  They must decide the best length of engagement and the time of year that will enable them to take the time to enjoy the festivities and hopefully, a honeymoon trip.  They will need to think about good times for families and out of town guests, as well.  By far, the most popular months are June and August, followed by July.

Some often overlooked factors are important to consider though, such as weather, seasonal preferences, and even budgets.  When my daughter and son-in-law set their date for a Charleston wedding, I was relieved to learn they had picked May.  May is perfect weather in Charleston and the gardens are alive with flowers.  Later in the summer, it becomes very hot and humid and hurricane threats abound in the warm Atlantic waters.  My other daughter, too, picked May for a hometown wedding and used magnolias at her reception, fresh from local trees.  I will never see another magnolia without remembering that wonderful day.  I have recently come to love fall weddings.  It is one of my favorite seasons, and except for the disruption it causes with football, it is a less demanding time on venues and vendors alike.  My husband and I picked December for our wedding.  We wanted to be married at Christmas.   We were married at my parents' home, and December is a great time to take advantage of holiday decorations that are already in place. 

With the date set and the venue secured, be sure to let the most important people know to save the date.   Couples are so creative with this now.  Kerri, of Bridal Gown Blog, just posted a great article outlining some resources for Save the Date cards.  This is probably one thing that you can DIY and save money, show your personal style, and spend some of that pent up energy getting SOMETHING accomplished for your wedding! 
Finally, I leave you with Erin and Jeff's Save the Date video that if you haven't seen, you must! 
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    Christina Lee said...

    how cool is the save the date video? yeah a fall wedding would be so pretty!

    Emma said...

    I cant wait to one day set a date for my wedding! :)
    It fills me with many smiles at the thought of it!

    The Blonde Duck said...

    I got married at a bbq resturant. It was easy for me to set the date. :)

    LisaLisa said...

    I agree a fall wedding would be so pretty! Gr8 post! Love the save the date video!

    Lisa R. Nelson, CWS said...

    Awesome video! Thanks for sharing!

    Maki said...

    I still remember how I set the wedding date with my husband... It still brings me warmth and put a smile on my face....

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - please stay in touch!

    Date Girl said...

    We set our date and it was soooo difficult! But we finally did it and we're sending out our save the date cards tomorrow. It's such an exciting time! We opted for a Fall Wedding on a Friday because it's less expensive and fall is beautiful here in Wine Country California.

    thatgirlisfunny said...

    Hi SITS-tah girl,
    I found something new on your blog that I have to try out on my blog! The survey using that video is really cool. Look at you on the cutting edge. :D

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